Here is a quick list of churches and organizations that are killing it on Instagram. Having recently passed the 80 million user’s milestone, Instagram is one of the fasted growing and popular social networks and with their recently added web profile pages I don’t see a downward trajectory in their near future.

So how do you leverage your organizations instagram presence to rally your community and acheive your goals?  Let’s look at some innovating instagramer’s and find out.

1. Charity Water (charitywater)

Charity Water on Instagram

2. People of the Second Chance (potsc)

People of the second chance on instagram

 3. Hillsong Church (hillsongchurch)

Hillsong Church on instagram

4. Hillsong United (hillsongunited)

Hillsong United on Instagram

5. Compassion (compassion)

Compassion on ionstagram

6. Elevation Church (elevationchurch)

Elevation Church on instagram

7. Saddleback Church (saddlebackchurch)

Saddleback church on instagram

8. Crosspoint Church (crosspoint_tv) on instagram

So what are some of the key ingredients to success instagram innovators?

1. The quality of the images.

It sets them apart. Take the time to edit and create compelling images and text.

2. What are your pictures saying?

Often these users incorporate encouraging themes, challenges, or even hashtags that encourage interaction. Instagram with purpose and you add value to the app and it’s users.

3. They’re not overly promotional

Understand the balance between leveraging your influence to get people to take action and annoying users with promotional material. It’s a fine line that many have figured out how to walk without alienating or loosing followers.


Any other innovative churches or organizations I missed? Let me know in the comments.