I love the title sequences and I’m not alone. I stumbled upon a website called “Forget the Film Watch the Titles” that showcases the very best in title design.

This video was created by by Jurjen Versteeg as a graduation project in 2011. The names of the people listed in the titles are a history of designers who have done some of the best title sequences of our time.

  • Georges Méliès – Un Voyage Dans La Lune
  • Saul Bass – Psycho
  • Maurice Binder – Dr. No
  • Stephen Frankfurt – To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Pablo Ferro – Dr. Strangelove
  • Richard Greenberg – Alien
  • Kyle Cooper – Se7en
  • Danny Yount – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / Sherlock Holmes
Danny Yount

You can check out Jurgen’s vimeo page here.

Good stuff.