Jim LePage @Jim_LePage started a quest to create a piece of design for each book of the Bible called the Word Bible Designs and is now most of the way through the new testament. I showcased his Old Testament work in an earlier blog post here. I have embedded these images from his Flickr page. If you’re interested you can buy some of his posters from imagekind or redbubble.

Matthew (The Headless Baptist)

Word: Matthew (The Headless Baptist)


Matthew (Light of the World)

Word: Matthew (Light of the World)


Matthew (We Agree)

Word: Matthew (We Agree)


Mark (Crumbs for Dogs)

Word: Mark (Crumbs for Dogs)


Mark (Walk on Water)

Word: Mark (Walk on Water)


Luke (The Lord’s Servant)

Word: Luke (The Lord's Servant)


Luke (Genealogy)

Word:Luke (Genealogy)


Crucifixion (Denial)

Word: Crucifixion (Denial)


Crucifixion (Revolting Beauty)

Word: Crucifixion (Revolting Beauty)


Crucifixion (Crucify Him)

Word: Crucifixion (Crucify Him)


Crucifixion (The Cost of Christ)

Word: Crucifixion (The Cost of Christ)


Crucifixion (Hosanna)

Word: Crucifixion (Hosanna)


Crucifixion (Eloi, Eloi)

Word: Crucifixion (Eloi, Eloi)



Word: Resurrection


John (Water to Wine)

Word: John (Water to Wine)



Word: Acts



Word: Romans


1 Corinthians

Word: 1 Corinthians


2 Corinthians

Word: 2 Corinthians



Word: Galatians



Word: Ephesians



Word: Philippians



Word: Colossians


1 Thessalonians

Word: 1 Thessalonians


2 Thessalonians

Word: 2 Thessalonians


1 Timothy

Word: 1 Timothy


2 Timothy

Word: 2 Timothy