I remember when I bought my copy of Delirious?’s album “Cutting Edge” it was so fresh and different and soon after the style of worship music started to change. Then we spent quite a bit of time in a musical landscape of U2-ish sounding stuff. Then Hillsong United released their first album. It was fresh, and for me was a big lyrical change from lyrics like “blood of the lamb” to things I would actually say like, “From the inside out”. Their latest album “Zion” was a fresh sound, but wait here comes to new youth band from hillsong…

Is this the beginning of the next fresh style?

Hillsong Young and Free’s song just came to my attention… Check it out. What are your thoughts?

It’s creative and innovating for worship music. Something like you might hear on the radio…

The full album is coming in October 2013. You can buy the single here

Here is some info about the group/documentary

By the way… these guys make amazing videos.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.