Now you can have someone to train with using the C25Kapp. It stands for couch to 5k which means this app will train you to run a 5k (3.2 mile) race in 9 weeks. I don’t know about you, but I tend to run, and then subsequentely not run, in spurts. (Awesome I fit the word spurt into this article) I do enjoy running.  However it is difficult to find motivation. I saw a bunch of people I follow on twitter talking about running with this app so it peaked my interest.

What makes the application so popular is it’s beautiful interface and ease of use.  Basically once the app is loaded on your phone you select which day in the workout, click start, and listen to your own music while the app tells you when to run and when to walk.

It also allows you to program other verbal cues like “halfway point” so you know when you need to start heading back towards home.

But the coolest part is that it allows you to tweet or share your progress with facebook right from the app connecting you to the largest group in recent history.

So get off the couch, send this app to a couple friends and get started.

Check out the C25k hashtag on twitter for some motivation.

Anybody want to do this?