I know that there is still of debate in the news about keeping the words “under God” in the pledge or keeping the phrase on our currency, keeping the 10 commandments in front of courthouses, etc.  Maybe I am missing the point (wouldn’t be the first time), but is that the real issue?

Let me explain my apparently flippant point. I know that we are a country founded on principles from the Bible and I am proud to be part of this part of country.  However when did it become okay to start naming objects as christian? It’s like some well intended Christ followers pack their backpacks full of spray paint and run off into the night to tag everything as “Christian.”like a type of “Christian Graffiti.

We have christian music.

Christian web-sites.

Christian T-shirts.

Christian mints.

Christian bumper stickers.

Christian churches (redundant redundancies)

When you put them all together like this it looks more like product placement than evangelism, doesn’t it?

Why are we so bent on reducing faith to product placement? The word Christian was first used to describe a group of believers who followed the teachings of Jesus.  It was a noun.  A christian.  Not an just an adjective.

Jesus on a towerReducing “christian” to just an adjective is a dangerous business that can quickly lead to a “slip-and-slide” slope of empty religion and rule-following. (slippery slope is overused and if you’re falling down it might as well be fun, right?) It leads to people getting so upset about whether a pledge is “Christian” and redirects focus away from helping people become a “Christian”.

Let’s try something out: Are you a christian?
Yes or No.
Did you eat lunch today?
Yes or no.
Does that make your lunch christian or non-christian?
Lunch can’t get saved.
Do you take christian showers?
Do you drive a christian car?
Do you wear christian shoes?
Of course you don’t, because that is ridiculous or maybe you think you do, in which case, you may be a bit ridiculous.

So why are so many of us so obsessed with living in a christian nation and losing focus on our mission: To live in a nation of christians. This is not a goal set by the founding fathers for America, but a goal set by our Father who art in heaven for His kingdom. We really don’t need our government running/promoting the church, do we? In fact I bet most people wouldn’t want them to if they offered.
photo credit: Leonski via photopin cc