We recently started using filmed announcements at the beginning of service. Churches have been doing this for a while and I wanted to put together a list of great examples to inspire and/or humiliate you (you choose which category you fall into).

The truth is that our culture is getting more and more used to digesting information in video format. If you live in the creative church world than you understand the importance of doing things well, doing things that fit your church, and the amount of work it takes to make it happen. Here are some examples of churches getting it done. Whether it be a weekly formatted news or a video announcement of an event, these are some good ones.

1. Northpoint’s TenBefore: These guys do a fantastic job of telling stories and entertaining/informing (edutainment?)

2. LifeChurch.tv announcement for LifeGroups

3. C3 Church – The Preview

4. The Life Church in Memphis – Church News

5. City Church Chicago – City Church News

6. Hope Unlimited Church – HopeUC News

7. Woodlands Church – Announcements


Post a link to your church’s announcement video and let me know where in the service you play them. How much time do you spend shooting/editing and what have you learned about making church announcement videos?