We heard about this church through a recommendation and decided to check it out.

First impressions were great. A really nice guy helped us find where we were going and get the girls into their classes.  The classrooms for the girls seemed pretty plain in comparison to other churches we’ve been checking out but the girls enjoyed it.

The lobby was cool with a coffee shop and bunch of smiling faces.  We asked about small groups and they said they were launching later and we should go to launch service.

We grabbed our hot coffee and made our way into the sanctuary.  Remember when I said I didn’t want to seem critical… I

still don’t so let’s just say that worship wasn’t my style.  I know it doesn’t need to be my style, but all I can really talk about with authority is my opinion.

It was old hosanna stuff with the horn section and everything with a large choir and director.  This is exactly what some people are looking for, but for me it felt awkward and Lori (wife) wasn’t a big fan either, but she said she knew a lot of people who like it like that.

Onto the next part…

I kind of felt like we were  in a gap commercial.  You know how sometimes you visit churches and they have this sense of community and the people seem real and authentic, on the Sunday we visited Summit it didn’t feel like that.  Also we fit in a little too well because everyone else was white.  Why would  a church with that many people attract only one type of person?  Am I saying they are racist? Of course not.  It is just something we noticed.

The Message:

The message was incredible. They had a guest speaker, Pastor John Jenkins with a message about running with the horses.  It was relevant, related on multiple levels of maturity, and most of all challenged me to stop sweating the small stuff and realize how far God has brought me. I left feeling inspired and empowered.  Seriously you should listen to this message it was awesome.

Overall, we thought it was a great place and could see why so many people attended, but we are going to continue our epic quest.  However, we want to check it out again when their Pastor is speaking.

Thoughts about church shopping:

We are currently enjoying seeing what the Church in the Triangle looks like.  We have 2 little girls, my wife and I are late 20s early 30s and my parents are old enough to be my parents, so we have a big diversity of age groups when we are visiting.