I know what you’re thinking if you read my blog religiously: “Joe hasn’t been going to church every week! Gasp.” Not that it matters, but I have been going to church every week I just haven’t been blogging every week, so there. Jesus loves me more.

Next up on the Woolworth’s Church shopping adventure was CrossPointe (with an “e”) in Morrisville, NC.  They have a very trendy website.

Our first impression was that the place was packed (good sign) and everyone seemed friendly and excited to be at church that morning.  The set-up of the building was interesting.  Their sanctuary was one of those multi-purpose gym-a-toriums and they had it set up well.  They have 3 massive screens set side by side that can span content all the way across as one screen (Probably a Matrox-Triple-Head… sorry my geekiness is leaking out)  The coffee was good and free (Dunkin Donuts).

I wish I could find some pictures but there were none on their site.

We stopped and talked to the people at the info desk and they gave us the lay of the land.  We dropped off the kids at their classrooms.  By the way they did a very good job with their children check-in.  Our kids were given stickers with their information on it, we were then given kiddie-retrival stickers, and they showed us their classrooms, introduced their teacher, gave us a bit of paperwork on what they were learning that day, then showed us where and when to pick them up, and finally told us that the doors would be locked during service (I assume to keep out creeps).

The girls had a great time in their classes.

Next we went to service.  We got their early so we got good seats, it did fill up though.  The worship team did some Robbie Seay Band songs. I am a big Robbie Seay Band fan so I really enjoyed it.  My wife and parents found the music to be a bit awkward, like no one in the room was really comfortable and I could see their point.

Then the pastor (Steve Daugherty — Teaching Pastor) came up with his coffee cup in hand and went through some announcements and continued in their series “Things I keep” where he talked about money.  Not the bad kind of “give us money” sermon, but a really good, theologically sound, and interesting sermon on what is the purpose of money in the life of a believer in Jesus.  He told intriguing stories and used a storyteller approach to preaching that I really enjoyed.

Overall we really enjoyed the church.  The preaching was excellent, the children’s ministry was top-notch, and the church had a warm and inviting spirit.  Also it was really close to our house, so there’s that.

EDITORS NOTE: It is at about this point that we are beginning to feel like we would just like to pick a church and be done going to a different church every week for two reasons:

  1. I want to get involved more than just attending and join small groups, serve, make friends, etc.
  2. Although seeing all the different communities of faith is amazing and encouraging, I don’t like the criticizing a church if I am not going to be part of the solution.  And that is what church shopping is.  I don’t know how church hoppers (not shoppers) can do this long-term.