We recently moved and are in the process of finding a new church and I decided it would be fun to chronicle our experiences of finding a church in the Triangle (where we live now in North Carolina).

Lori, the girls, and my mom moved about a month before I did and they went to New Hope and Vintage 21 a couple of times, but for the purpose of this story we will start when we started going as a family in July of 2010.

Things to remember while church shopping

1. I believe that all of the churches in the triangle that believe in the Bible are part of the Church with a capital “C”.

2. All I can talk about with any authority is my opinion.  It is not my job to judge (thank the LORD) and I am not a church shopping expert, just a guy looking for a church.

3.  Every church has it’s own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Right now I am looking forward to finding a new church. I say “right now” because we have went through this before and after a couple weeks of “church shopping” you just want to pick a church and be done.  If you’re not careful looking for a church can turn you into a critic which can quickly lead to a judge.  We know what the Bible says about judging…

So check back each week I  share my families adventures in church shopping each week.  I hope you enjoy.

Our first stop was to NewHope Church in Durham.

Our second stop was to Summit, Brier Creek Campus.