I used to be a big fan of trendy ads. You know the ones. The commercial that was so good you wanted to rewind the DVR, but you don’t really know what they are selling. I used to be a big fan, but not anymore.

Simple is better.

Clarity is the new creative.

Living in the world of church communications we have hundreds of events & ministries we are promoting. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle and cool names and trendy gimmicks often don’t stand out the way they were intended to. Often they simply get overlooked.

Have you heard the phrase “Eigen Value” yet? It’s an interesting concept of using self-defining concepts for marketing instead of going for trendy and cool. And I love it!

Here is an example:

This sentence has five words.

For more info on Eigen Values check out Stephen Denny’s Blog. Make sure to download the free E-book as well.

So next time you are thinking of a name for an event, environment, ministry, class or group run it through this simple filter: Will someone need to ask a follow-up question?

Example: Are you going to Society 873 tonight?  What is Society 873? It may be that your student ministry is very familiar to your church family, but odd to outsiders.  Solution: Are you coming to High School Ministry (HSM).  The name defines the event. Simple. Clear.

So fight the urge to be trendy and communicate clearly instead.