It is not secret that if you want to have a good website “content is king.” But the goal of a church’s website is not just page views and metrics, it is to connect people. And not all content is created equal. Useful and practical content should be our goal. Content that inspires and encourages people where they are.

At Hope Community Church (where I work) part of our strategy is to create conversations not just content.  Communication is not ONLY about getting your message out there. One-way communication (come to this event, this is happening here, come to this class) runs the risk of feeling like unsolicited junk mail, but inviting others to comment/share stories/interact builds community and increases brand loyalty.

Here are some suggestions for your church or organization on how to create conversations and not just content:

1. Start a blog

Take the opportunity to share wins and stories of what has happened at your church or organization and not just what’s happening right now. Here are some examples: Hope’s blog, Hillsong’s blog, Mars Hills’s stories, Saddleback’s community blog,’s causes

2. Focus on the last line of content you write

Close each post on your blog with a question or powerful closing thought. Write to start conversations. I suggest that you start writing the post with the question in mind.

3. Find creative ways to tell stories

Have you heard success stories from ministries in your church lately. Find a way to capture that win and let other’s in your church know. Make videos, write a blog, include these wins in newsletters and internal communication to volunteers. Remind people why they serve, why the church exists and that they are part of something that’s making a difference.

How has your church or organization found ways to create conversations and not just content?