You spent 10 hours on the project.

We’ve all been there. Working with deadlines and the weekend is coming. There are videos/designs/songs/sets you want to build and then there is what you have to work with, budgets (or lack of there of), your time, your team, your gear, etc. etc.

So how do you leverage your time to tell better stories?

You should have spent 15 hours on it.

There is always that little bit you wish you could have done better. That nagging little feeling you realize after you render/ship your project that if you did these couple of things it might have been more clear, more fun to watch, more …

Fear of shipping can cripple, what are you scared of?

If you had 25 hours to spend on it you would have done _________.

If you’re like me you spend time thinking about stuff like opportunity cost. Making these 5 videos/5 signs/5 widgets this week prevented me from making this one that could have had a bigger impact. This is a recipe for frustration.

Are you making the right projects?

So what do you do?

Create for impact not just excellence. Fact, your project could always be 10% better. However, don’t let thinking like that prevent you from even attempting something new or getting ambitious enough to produce something really cool.

Fact, defining the win can add clarity and conviction to any project.

What you measure can either empower or stifle creativity.

So measure your projects by their impact not by comparing them to the latest hollywood blockbuster and encourage others on your team to do the same.


photo credit: Profound Whatever via photopin cc