Every once is a while my family passes around some virus.  It usually starts with one of my daughters giving it to her sister. Then mom gets it. Then me. Then we pass it around like a sad game of hot potato.

When you are close with your family the odds of you catching what they have is high. The same is true for a culture in an office.

Attitudes are contagious.  Passion is contagious.  Culture is contagious.

I have worked in church offices in different capacities for over a decade and I can speak with experience that office culture is directly tied to success.

I recently started a new position as the communications director at Hope Community Church in Raleigh NC and I have been infected already with the culture.

So how do you make sure your office culture is what you want?

Make sure you are communicating passion in meetings.

Staff meetings at Hope have been particularly refreshing for me.  We are a large staff and most of the day-to-day is done in smaller meetings throughout the week but the entire staff gathers once a week to receive encouragement from our Pastor, share wins from the week, point out and encourage employees excelling at their work, and prayer.  No calendar talk, firefighting, or going over the game tape.  Just passion.  I am new to the culture but keeping the core issues out front made me instantly loyal.

Spend more time answering “why?” questions than “how?” questions.

Think about it… if you know why you are being asked to do something and that why is tied to a passion of yours you excel at that task.  It is more than a special service it is an opportunity for a single mom to embrace a community that will come along side of her and bring hope to a difficult journey.