Are you ready to kill some time and have some fun by destroying yours or your clients website one phaser blast at a time? Well then read on.

Marketing requires plenty of website building.

Website building requires coffee and long hours.

Long hours lead to frustration.

Frustration leads to anger.

Anger leads to vengeance.

Vengeance leads to imagining the total destruction of your site.

Well imagine no more! Thanks to the good people at you can blow your site to “kingdom come” (which I believe is a very christian phrase)


Click the cartridge to play

  • Steer with the arrow-keys.
  • Shoot with space.
  • To activate click the bookmark once on your webpage of choice.
  • Can’t see your remaining enemies? Then press and hold B

Want to destroy another site? Simple.

Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar or a tab and let it rain!

This is gratifying on Facebook, Twitter, and when loading HD videos on a slow internet connection.