For the first time Amazon is reporting more sales for eBooks than print books.  In an article by Publisher’s Weekly they said “Since April 1, Amazon says it has sold 105 Kindle books for every 100 print books, soft or hardcover, including print titles that do not have Kindle editions. The figures do not include free Kindle titles.”

This is a BIG deal.

But what does it mean for church communication?

Amazon, Jeff BezosIn another quote from the Publisher’s Weekly article: Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said,  “Customers are now choosing Kindle books more often than print books. We had high hopes that this would happen eventually, but we never imagined it would happen this quickly—we’ve been selling print books for 15 years and Kindle books for less than four years.”

Is the tide finally turning. Is it possible that in the near future more people in your church will want a digital bulletin than a print bulletin?

Aside from the obvious fiscal benefits of digital over print there are other real benefits as well:

  • creating/embedding interactive content
  • the ability to edit on the fly
  • the ability to measure traffic/dwell time/effectiveness
  • no forced limits to font size/space

What do you think? Is print dying or at least drastically changing?