I started using G+ as soon as I got an invite. +Joe Woolworth It was like opening a shiny new iSomething (or gSomething). The interface is clean, clutter-free and lacking info about virtual farms.

Initially, I would log in and hear the faint sound of crickets, but as I started finding my friends (which is takes a bit of work, I was hoping to just import my Facebook friends, but surprisingly that option didn’t exist).

After a couples of weeks of use I am liking Google+ better. Here’s why:

1. Cirlces. I always sensed I was oversharing with pretty much every personal thing I would say on Facebook. Why do hundreds of people care that I am __________? Cirlces allows me to choose which audience to give my posts to. So I can share a family pic without feeling I am adding to the noise of others feeds who don’t know my family. It’s a simple yet powerful idea.

2. The content being shared. Right now my stream looks like a combination of twitter & my RSS reader. Maybe others are using Facebook for this reason, but that’s now what’s in my feed. Also, you can customize your stream to read the information you want without having to see absolutely everything.

3. I love rooting for the underdog. (I can’t believe I just called Google the underdog)

Infographic from SingleGrain.com