This is not a joke or science fiction. Order your jetpack (deathtrap) today.

Well it is no flying car but finally science fiction from our youth is becoming reality.  Now you can go to and order your very own Jetpack that will be delivered to your house in 12 months.  There is no cost yet on the site but it does say that the jetpack will run on premium gas (just like you put in your car) and has a very handy safety feature where a parachute will open if the engine stops.

Really? A parachute to stop you, with the couple hundred pounds of metal strapped to your back, if you are falling from let’s say 100 feet.  Would a parachute help at all?  What if you run out of gas at 40 feet?  That will certainly leave a mark.

The company says you don’t need a pilot’s license, but you will have to pass a test provided by Martin Jetpack and the pilot must be between 140 and 280 pounds.

This sounds like a great idea doesn’t it.  There are always 12 year old kids on mini-bikes buzzing around my neighborhood with no helmets. Now we can give our kids something we never had, the opportunity to get severely injured by falling from the sky with a 400 pound gasoline powered backpack.  Now that is America!

Finally, I can jetpack to work.  Take that bicyclists.