I like the idea of a muse. Something that assists the creative person through process of creating something. But the problem is she is slippery.

The truth is, creativity doesn’t come from us. We were made in the image of a creative God and we take after our dad. 

So it’s not really about sitting down and trying to push out a great ideas and concepts as much as paying attention to what is going on around us and looking for perspective.

Seeing something in a new way. Like the creator of this blog theme I came across on behance from designer, Peter Paryna. Wonder how he came up with this idea?

10 minutes design by Peter Paryna

10 minutes design by Peter Paryna

Think of your project like it’s a story. You don’t need to make it up as much as you need to find it.

The discipline comes in being vigilant to find the story. Find the design. Find the concept. And then do the work of making it happen.

So since you never know where or when creativity will strike, pay attention.