Facebook and Twitter Graphics for Promo

Brad Zimmerman of ChurchMediaDesign.tv has made these resources available for download on his site. I know I have spent more time than I want to admit hunting down high quality Facebook and twitter images.

The zip Files contains:

  • Facebook Logo and Like Logo in vector format(ai,eps,svg)
  • editable PSDs in HD and SD
  • Jpg Slides

Click the images to be redirected to the original post.

The 5 worst christian album covers

This is brought to you by the good people at churchkreatives.com. Amazing.

Is it finally time to start using Google Reader?

You’ve heard people talk about RSS (Really Simple Syndication). You know it is an “internet thing” and it is important somehow, but you would rather spend your time online having fun not learning stuff.

Maybe it is time for you to consider an RSS reader. How do you know? Do you like and therefore read blogs on a regular basis. Do you frequent a specific site for news, articles, or giggles?

What an RSS reader does: places the feed (new articles, news, giggles) into one place that you can check, like email, to see who of your favorites actually posted something you might want to read.

I just recently started using this magical RSS. By the way, the first blog you should place into your reader… MarketingJesus.net

My Favorite Tweeter Conversation this week

Why is it everyone is so brave on the internet.  People rarely have the guts to say mean things to people in real life, but online we are all witty and ruthless.  I think Frankie reminded this @IHeartMtnDew kid of the reality that the internet is not a vacuum.

Chewie is my co-pilot

I found this project by Lacko Illustration and… wow.  It needed to be shared. This one is for the geeks.

Chewie is my co-pilot

Chewie is my co-pilot

Chewie's prayer

Chewie’s prayer