Whether your thing is graphic design, music, a video, a stage design or whatever it may be, if it never gets out of your head and onto the page, screen, or stage than it has no chance of impacting culture.

And you were meant to impact culture. Your ideas and content is needed. So please get “it” done.


I have noticed that there are basically 4 types of content creators. People that put things into the marketplace.

1. The polished.

This group takes their idea all the way. Whatever they saw in their head they kept working until they got it on the page, screen or stage.  Their motto is “It’s two weeks late, but you’re welcome.” The pro of this group is their work is trendsetting. The con is they don’t do much of it.

2. The 90%ers.

This group takes the concept 90% of the way and ships it. Their motto is “Everything is done two weeks ahead of schedule.”  The pro of this group is that they get stuff done. The con is that although it’s good it’s rarely great.

3. The dreamers.

This group is all concepts. They love brainstorming and coming up with ideas. Their motto is “We’ll have it to you in two weeks and it is gonna blow your face off.”  The pro is they are great at conceptualizing and storyboarding. The con of this group is that they can’t get out of the dreaming phase to the doing phase.

4. Horseshoes or Hand grenades.

This group is happy with just about anything. Their motto is “It’s better than the nothing we had two weeks ago” The pro of this group is that they are not afraid to tackle any project. The con is the occasional epic fail.

The truth is that any creative team can benefit from a combination of these content generators. The polished will fight for quality. The 90% will make everyone feel deadlines. The dreams are idea factories. The Horseshoes or hand grenades will give you someone to let go if your budget gets cut.

 *Thanks to my cubicle mates for helping me with this article: Josh Hancock, Mark Hanna and Bill Morrison.

So the question is. Which one are you? And did i leave anything out. Let me know.