Leadership Revolution: Developing the Vision & Practice of Freedom & JusticeLeadership Revolution: Developing the Vision & Practice of Freedom & Justice by John M. Perkins

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Quick read on leadership from John Perkins and Wayne Gordon. Sites a lot of the principles of what makes a leader from John Maxwell and Covey, but placed in the context of a church reaching it’s community.

Leadership qualities highlighted in the book: proactive, accessible, awareness, teach at every opportunity, authentic, give assignments, candid, persistent and develops the next generation.

Thoughts that stood out to me from this read:

Always take someone with you. If you are going to spend time going to a conference, retreat, errand etc. you might as well take someone with you whom you are developing. It will cost you no extra time.

A goal of leadership is to train yourself out of a job, much like a parent training a child to go on out on their own a good leader has an exit strategy.

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