Originally posted in Sept of 2010, but updated for #tbt

The goal of this site is to help creative people market Jesus and to leverage their talent and technology to tell better stories through media.

(Why the .net? Because if it was good enough for the disciples to fish with a net then it’s good enough for me. Who ever heard of fishing with a .com? In fact if you run a Church site on a dot com I am pretty sure your website is NOT saved.)

We Christians have been given the responsibility of representing Jesus to people.

But sometimes, our marketing sucks. (Yes, I am talking about both church marketing and our personal witness)



But wait, isn’t marketing Jesus bad? I searched the web for posts with “marketing Jesus” and a lot of people seem to think that if you think Jesus needs to be “marketed” than you have a crush on the Devil or Lady Gaga.  Let’s be clear: Marketing isn’t evil. And, Lady Gaga is not the Devil. But, some types of marketing are terrible. Others are beautiful.

Marketing isn’t selling. Marketing is generating interest. Marketing is drawing attention to something like a lamp on a table or a city on a hill, our marketing (witness) is meant to be seen. Let’s create the beautiful.

Examples of Bad Christian Marketing:

Some TV guys advertise that if you send me $100 to my ministry you will not only get this bottle of “holy water” but also God will turn your $100 into $1,000.  This particularly bad bit of christian marketing called “the prosperity gospel” is a classic example of what happens when there is a lack of truth in advertising.  The brand gets “watered down” and people associate any Christian who happens to be talking about money with crazy-holy-water-guy.

Do you think Christians do a good job “marketing Jesus?” Can you post some comments of examples of good Christian marketing?