large__6240958701Are you interested in contributing to, getting noticed, and making some money? Well I can help you with the first two.

I blog about inspiring creatives to leverage their talent and technology to tell better stories through media. If this sounds like you too, then I would love the chance to partner with you in making this happen.

I’m not promising to use your post, but if you nail it, I’ll post it.

This is what I’m looking for:

  • Creative writing – This isn’t a paper, thesis, or Lord of the Rings commemorative Moleskine Notebook; writing on the web is skill. Keep it short, make use of bulleted lists, give attribution to others ideas and link liberally.
  • How-To’s and Life-hacks for creatives – If you are a creative than share your expertise. It’s not doing anyone any good locked up in your head.
  • It’s got to be useful– Write like you’re trying to help someone accomplish their goals.

If you happen to write well that is a plus too.