Jesus as a Hipster

Hipster Jesus

Before I get too far into this Finger-Wag-O-Shame I need to point out how on the cover of September 2010’s Christianity today there is a picture of a Jesus that looks a lot like all the sketches of guys you might see from Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator”.  Then to top it off I looked down at the second story on the cover “Sex Offenders in the Church”. Wow. When I saw this cover in Barnes & Noble I instantly pulled out my phone to tweet a pic.

I read the article online “Hipster Faith” (sorry for not buying a subscription ChristianityToday) and found this whole article to be upsetting.  Maybe the whole thing was an attempt at satire, but it failed.  The article and artwork embarrass me as a Christian or “Christ-Follower” (because I’m okay with both).

The article had a handy guideline to find out if you have “hipster-faith”

  • Get the church involved in social justice and creation care.
  • Show clips from R-rated Coen Brothers films (e.g., No Country for Old Men,Fargo) during services.
  • Sponsor church outings to microbreweries.
  • Put a worship pastor onstage decked in clothes from American Apparel.
  • Be okay with cussing.
  • Print bulletins only on recycled card stock.
  • Use Helvetica fonts as much as possible.

Honestly, this is ridiculous. I love Helvetica.

I guess that makes a part-hipster. I am going to need to buy a v-neck.

Why is it that we as Christians insist on tearing each other down.  Why is caring about the earth bad? I personally burn hairspray and styrofoam cups to offer sacrifices, but I don’t have anything bad to say about people who recycle.

Judgemental rhetoric like this has become a common obstacle the church needs to overcome to in order to reach a generation jaded by these types of stereotypes from so-called “Christians”. I personally think that hipsters are candidates for God’s love.

What do you think about the “Hipster Faith” article and artwork?