There is no quick fix to an awesome website. No download this widget and everything magically turns to SEO gold and poops out google analytic stats that will blow your mind.  It takes work.  It takes a plan.

This post is the beginning in a series of “baby steps” to a better church website.

So let’s dive in.

88% of online Americans say the Internet plays a role in their daily routines. (source) That stat is from 2004 by the way, so I am sure nothing has changed.  This stat tells us to expect that the primary way an American will pick a church is by the internet.  So if most americans looking for a church will choose yours from your website it makes sense that you let your intern (who knows nothing about web design) take a crack at it.

Hopefully that stat convinced you to get serious about your website, and now that you are serious let’s get started.

Step One: What is the purpose of your churches website?

Why do you have a website?

What is a win for your website? What should it accomplish?

Do you want to inform people? Do you want to connect people?

This is the most important step. If your site has no goal, it has no chance of accomplishing it.

So take some time as a staff and discuss what your site can do. Spend the majority of your time on this topic.