If you have a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex, if you were wondering) and you have tried to share your beautiful pictures with the world via the internet you have probably discovered that your pictures were too large to upload.  Sites like facebook and flickr won’t allow you to upload your pretty pictures because your camera is too nice.

That’s not fair.  So here is the solution to your problem without having to resize each one of your pictures one by one.

Flickr has an app that you can download for free and use with flickr’s free account that will resize your pictures as it uploads them. Saving you time and allowing you to upload faster and more pictures.

So how does it work?

After you download the app you can configure it to automatically shrink your giant images.  You can change this in the preferences:

CAUTION: if you sign up for the free flickr account and start uploading like crazy you should know that when you hit 200 images it will begin to remove your earlier images.  Flickr won’t delete them, but they will no longer be visible.  If you sign up for the paid account the pictures will come back.  Here is a screenshot from my flickr when I hit 200 pictures.

So take pictures in high resolution and let the flickr uploader help share them with friends and family online.