unrevoked.com allows you to root (jailbreak) your android based phones with a few clicks
unrevoked.com homepage screen shot

Android is an open source platform that is quickly becoming the market share leader. If you have an android phone you know how fun it is use.

Not to mention the apps.

The android market now has 38,000 apps according to google, but androlib.com has it at over 50,000.  But what about accessing features not typically allowed on most devices like using wifi tether without the $30 per month fee from your carrier?

To do this you need to root your device.  That is “geek speak” for taking off the limits placed on your device by your provider.  Since this action may void your warranty you may want to proceed with caution. However, it is by no means illegal.

So how do you root your android device?  It is surprisingly simple.  Visit unrevoked.com then select your device.  Now plug your device to your computer with the USB cord provided with your phone.  Follow the directions to enable USB debugging and the site will literally do the rest.  Restart your phone and you are now a superuser which has a little ninja for an icon (how cool is that?)

What’s next? Search the android market for “root” and find all the sweet apps available for you now that you have ninja-like control over your android device.

I verified this on my HTC incredible with no problems.

Let me know what you think.