Let’s face it, summer attendance normally dips a bit in the summer. It makes sense.

  • regulars go on vacation
  • the weather is nice
  • people with beach houses who don’t spend time at their beach houses are bad stewards
  • pastor’s go on sabbatical (fancy pastor word for long vacation)

So if you’re a part of your church’s creative or programming team you understand the need to ramp it up over the summer. It’s not a time for you to take it easy. That’s why you see a lot of churches doing:

But we wanted to up the ante with the most powerful outreach tool known to man…


You should have seen the look of pure joy on men’s faces as they claimed their bacon.


We also had our people send in pictures of their dads using #HopeDadsRock and put together this little video:

So what are you up to this summer?