Little Caesars may be my #13 favorite pizza, but their ads by Barton F. Graff 9000 are some of my favorite TV spots.

Did you know that I'm riding this horse backwards

Did you know that I’m riding this horse backwards

Most of these ads are from the mind of creative director Eric Kallman who brought you the great ads with the Old Spice guy, Skittles, Ragu, Nextel, Spring, and Little Cardboard (Did I spell that wrong?) Pizza.

SO here are my favs from Little Caesars. Genius. Hilarious.

Little Caesars ads may be the most valuable part of their pizza.


1. Ohhhh

[tentblogger-youtube V1h9Tz8MREI]

2. High 85

[tentblogger-youtube ss3vYEAruSs]

3. Cast

[tentblogger-youtube _ih20RX2AVE]

4. Rowdy Kids

[tentblogger-youtube nLqu_hPGeQY]

5. Quality Sauce

[tentblogger-youtube Fy2bXv4Yid0]

6. $5 Hot-n-ready lunch combo

[tentblogger-youtube owJE7TvMa3k]

7. No Rules!

[tentblogger-youtube URPBSwW4_a4]

8. Stargazing

[tentblogger-youtube j16fNSp_Hv8]

9. Mime

[tentblogger-youtube apESyIHehYY]

10. Fishing

[tentblogger-youtube dWzH_D8SQwI]

11. Babe

[tentblogger-youtube NjPSaujv9Wo]