If you could be convinced that 2 is equal to 1 would that change the way you think about math, the universe, your world?  Would you ball up in the fetal position as you realize that if math is not a rational science?  Well break out the algebra memory and follow along for this fun little trip through the collapse of science.

So forward this to your algebra teacher and watch as their world-view falls apart.  It’s fun for everyone!

starts out nice and easy.

a x a = a squared and if (b = a) then...

remember a squared is (a x a) if your math is rusty.

Don't freak out, just think it through

now we are having fun with math!

break it down

almost there...


Bam! Cerebral Explosion Commence now.

Is this true?

Could this be what God meant when he said “the two shall become one”?