Music fuels creativity. I find that if I am listening to the same old music at work all the time it doesn’t help to get my creative mojo going. So I decided in conjunction with keeping a pretty sweet creativity playlist on Spotify for work (feel free to subscribe), I would highlight some new music and new creative music videos here on ye ole blog.

Let’s get started. First off new Leagues with the first track off their new album called Spotlight. Find out more about the band from their website at They have just release this song to MTV and doing well also opening for the Fray recently. These guys could be big.

Lyric video from Follow by Muse. The typography treatment on this is crazy.



And last but not least a new “Audio Adrenaline” song called Kings and Queens. What? I know! Get this, the singer in the song is Kevin Max from DC talk. And Michael Tate, another DC talk member, is now the frontman for another popular Christian band called “Newsboys.” Someone should do a mash up tour with Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, and Toby Mac and you would have a free fourth band, DC talk reunion!