We are coming up on the one year anniversary of this blog and I wanted to let newcomers know what to expect. I also wanted to wish happy birthday to my blog and let it know that I can’t wait until it is going to do more than just cry and fill it’s diaper.

My goal is to help creatives tell better stories through media.

We Christians have been given the responsibility of representing Jesus to people.

Joe Woolworth

Joe Woolworth trying to look deep.

But sometimes, our marketing sucks. (Yes, it could either be church marketing or our personal testimony)

If you are a creative church-type person looking to tell better stories, or a person that really enjoys a terrible church sign slogan than this site is for you.

But wait, there’s more…

Created in September of 2010, MarketingJesus.net is a humorous tribute to great marketing and a finger-wag-of-shame to the bad. By looking at best practices in church marketing, finding inspiration in the morning with A.M. INSPIRATION (goes great with coffee) and Friday Freebies, and conversations with a creative community, this site is a shining beacon of magical-goodness.

Marketing isn’t selling. It’s generating interest. Marketing is drawing attention to something like a lamp on a table or a city on a hill, our marketing (witness) is meant to be seen.