Have you heard of QR codes?

They are little bar graph looking squares that contain information when scanned by a cell phone with a camera and an app that reads them.  QR stands for quick response and they are really gaining popularity.

Are they a fad?  Or should you expect to see more of them all over the place?  I don’t now. I don’t think they are a fad because they are free to generate and can be used for most any kind of formatted information.

What can you do with a QR CODE?

A. What can you encode:

I have searched around for the best QR code generator and the best hands down is Kerem Erkans… What makes it the best is that you can generate the code as a PDF, PNG, and even EPS for you vector art lovers.  It also includes a bunch of cool presets like:

  • Browse to a website
  • Bookmark a website
  • Make a phone call
  • Send an SMS (text)
  • Send an Email
  • Create a Vcard (will import contact info into the scanner’s phone)
  • Create a meCard (like a simplified Vcard)
  • Create a vCalendar event (import events into the scanner’s calendar program)
  • Google Maps
  • Android Market Search
  • Youtube URL for iphone
  • Encode the latest tweet of a user
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • or jut put in some text

B. What can it be used for:

Here are a couple ideas that I can think of off the top of my head feel free to leave some comments if you think I’ve left out something important.

  • Place event info on an event flyer or poster
  • Tape a “Tweet This” QR code to a kick me sign on someone’s back (make sure to include a hashtag so you can see how many people did it)
  • Follow me on twitter Tshirt
  • Real estate signs for more info about the house
  • Put your contact info on your business card
  • Market your Apps for quick download (place QR code on web site, stickers, stamps, toilet paper, etc)
  • Link to landing pages to track with google analytics with coupons, info, forms, etc.
  • Shave phone number into your dogs fur in case Fido get’s lost
  • Full back tattoo to your blog (just make sure you have the domain set on auto-renew)
  • Temporary Tattoos to promote your latest sermon series at your church
  • Try to make your video go viral
  • Use them on a scavenger hunt
  • Cashless fundraisers (just print giving page URL on shirts/signs)

C. Coolest uses I’ve seen:

Image from http://2d-code.co.uk/

Hyundai car campaign.

QR Code Trucker Hat

Image from theminthouse.com

Kanye West Ringtone Billboard

Image from http://2d-code.co.uk/

My contact card in this web site sidebar (I know, shameless)

Also for more information on QR codes you should check out  2d-code.co.uk. They have a lot of great content about this new tech with lists of the best QR code generators and QR code readers.