Digital Versions of magazines save time, money, and cash.

When I found out I could read some of my favorite magazines online I thought now I can finally save gas (no trip to Barnes & Noble) save time (read fast without feeling guilty about wasting money) save money, and save a tree. Can’t beat that.  Here are a couple of the magazines I am into so check them out and find digital versions of your favorite magazines online.


This magazine is about God, culture, and progressive culture and is in my opinion very well written with “relevant” articles I almost always enjoy. If you read it you know it’s good. If you haven’t discovered Relevant Magazine yet read it online. What do you have to lose?

The sleek viewer also makes it a fun experience and the ability to click on links is a plus.

click here for the digital archive



Neue magazine (pronounced “new”) is about the ideas that are shaping the church today.  It is a new magazine with resource driven content.  This is cutting edge stuff.

View the digital archives