I’ve been involved recently in a new project with Bob Dumas and Mike Lee. The idea was simple. Bob and Mike had been wanting to get together and do a podcast for years. A format where they talk about questions from the audience and have a “non-filtered” conversation.

BobDumasStillBob has been a top radio personality in my neck of the woods for years. His show, Bob and the Showgram is a morning show based a in Raleigh, NC. The cast is Bob Dumas, Co-Host Erica Delong, and Brooke “Peanut Butter” Hoover and is enjoyed by thousands of commuters every morning. Bob is known for being opinionated and controversial. I listen to Bob’s morning show and get a good laugh most mornings (unless my kid’s are in the car, then I don’t listen)


Mike Lee has been the Pastor of Hope Community Church for the past 20 years. The church now has weekend attendance between 7,000-9,000 over their 3 campuses in the triangle and one in Haiti. Hope plans to be at 6 campuses by 2020 and continues to grow.

So what are these two guys doing making a podcast?

The answer is simple, not everyone going to go to church but everyone deserves to hear the gospel. Although, if you listen to this podcast looking for seminary level theological teaching you’d be listening to the wrong show, you will hear real questions from the audience submitted on their website bobandmike.net discussed in “non-churchy terms” (yes, I made up that word)

I’ve heard it said before, if you’re not making people angry you’re not doing it right. I believe this principle applies to most entertainment, but what about church? I believe the gospel is offensive enough. You’re a sinner. I’m a sinner. We need a savior… Talk about a negative sell. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

In a church service, I believe the gospel is offensive enough and we shouldn’t strive to be edgy just to seem cool or relevant. Around where I work we say, “If we’re going to offend someone, let’s offend them with the gospel, not with an opening song, video or service element.”

But I also believe we shouldn’t walk on eggshells and avoid difficult questions just because the answers may not be politically correct. That’s why I dig this podcast. You should check it out.

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Video Podcast (I can’t bring myself to call anything a vodcast)

Or check out the website at bobandmike.net