I work as a creative at a large church in Raleigh. One of the things that I fear is the moment someone sits down in my office (it’s a cubicle, but office sounds better) and says “Here is my idea, come up with something creative.”

Creativity is not a gift, it’s a discipline. Ideas don’t come by inspiration alone, there is a process involved.

Untitled by Blaine Hogan

Untitled by Blaine Hogan

In his book “Untitled” Blaine Hogan @BlaineHogan outlines his thoughts/manifesto on the creative process and it is worth the read. He articulates perfectly what we all knew or at least suspected that creativity is work. In his words “just plain old, unsexy work.”

There are a lot of great axioms to be found in this book. The one that stuck out to me was the idea to “scratch when you don’t itch.” Finding ways to entice ideas. Putting yourself in front of things that inspire you. Making time to slow down and wait for inspiration.

So get to work. Read this book.