Great churches generate people interested in what they are doing. Songs are no exception. In working at a church I have answered my share of “What song was that?” questions and now we have an opportunity to create mix tapes from all the music we do. Maybe you should consider adding Spotify to your social media strategy.

Spotify is a free web-based music service that thinks piracy is old fashion and places ads every 5th or 6th song as you listed to whatever music you want. That’s right you can listen to whole albums or friend’s playlists. (If you’re okay with some ads)

Generating a playlist is pretty easy to do. Check out the video


So make some playlists and get to sharing.

1. Sign up for Spotify

2. Search for music (click to see hints and tricks)

3. Create a playlist and add some songs

4. Promote playlists

So how do you promote your playlist?

Spotify playlist1. Make a social media icon for Spotify and paste the link from your playlist by right clicking and Copy HTTP Link.

If you’re looking for a good collection of simple social media icons check out these from

2. Embed your playlist in your sidebar or blog (control click on the playlist in Spotify and click Copy Embed Code)

3. Share your playlist from another site like ShareMyPlaylist or Spotibot

4. Let you audience know about your playlist. Maybe make a pre-service slide/animation or put it in your bulletin (wait you probably don’t have a bulletin, do you?)

Here is an example of an embedded playlist: