When it comes to motivating people the better question to answer is always “Why” not “What or how”. If you work as a creative and make videos, ads, articles or any kind of content you would be wise to ask yourself this question with your next or current project.

 Why would people want this product, want to go to this event, want to do what I am asking of them?

Answering the “what” or “how” questions usually just generates “noise.” Rise above the noise and answer the better question.

Are you promoting an event for your church? Don’t just give the laundry list of details such as time, place, cost and whether childcare is provided. Answer why someone should go. Captivate.

Are you creating a website for a non-profit? Don’t just describe the details of “what” they do. Illustrate “why” they exist. Tell stories. Share wins.

If you focus on “why” and not “what” you can create followers not customers.

Check out this Ted talk from Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action. And I would add Jesus to his list of people who changed people’s hearts and minds by starting with emotion.