I have read a lot of blogs about Jesus and marketing and the overwhelming opinion is that Jesus would not be a fan of being “marketed.” Because marketers are like used car-salesmen, charlatans, and commission based workers at furniture stores.

I can see their point. Jesus would only use forms of marketing that were available to him in “Bible Times” and not new-fangled technology like the inter-web or flannel-graphs. Similar to how we all know that if Jesus came to Earth during the 80s he would have driven a donkey and not a DeLorean.

Here are some old school “Bible Approved” marketing techniques.

  • Using carrier pigeons to pass out invites to the sermon on the mount
  • Make ‘Em Laugh – “What’s the deal with Pharisees?”
  • Use original twitter techniques to establish a catch phrase  “Follow me.”
  • Have the disciples act out a parable in 30 seconds while Jesus whistled the theme music to the mac commercials.
  • Donkey Bumper stickers (branding with a Jesus Fish)

I think if we stick to ideas like these we can change the conception of marketing Jesus.

Leave a comment with other “Bible Approved” marketing Techniques and remember the wisdom of “Donkeys not DeLorean”

Donkeys not Deloreans

Donkeys not DeLoreans